Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Spotify' Causing a Stir in Social Media

Spotify is the largest growing music streaming application used today. It is the first of its kind, allowing Facebook users to download the app and stream on-demand free music. Think of it as an iTunes with no rules to social media users. People often question how this is legal and what are the artists getting paid. Well this is the biggest controversy of it. Spotify is not directly paying the artists. In fact, Spotify pays the major labels that sign the bands a pretty large sum of money. You would think this would be fine but actually it stirs up much more problems than solutions, with the application. The major labels can pay whatever they want to the artist. There is no set minimum price, which makes the artists hate the major labels even more.

The service was available to the US back in May of 2012 and partnered with Facebook to help spread the word. It quickly became popular and is currently streaming to 15 million Facebook users. It is incredible how Spotify was able to tap into social media sites as quickly as they did and create one of the largest music sharing applications in just 5 months. They took an incredible amount of business away from iTunes and is now offering a $7.99 monthly service that allows you to download the songs off of Spotify and place them into an mp3 player.

In an interview with D.A. Wallach who is the ‘artist in residence’ at Spotify claims, 

Anyone who doesn’t think we’re paying a fair cut hasn’t seen the numbers we pay out. By far the vast majority of the money we’re making goes back to the owners of the music – about 70%. When compared to iTunes, the average listener spends $60 dollars a year into the creative community, whereas Spotify Premium users spend $120 per year. As “the pie gets bigger” so to speak, so do the royalty payments. The growth of the platform is proportional to the royalty pay out and since inception we’ve already doubled the effective per play rate.” 

But what he does not say is that the ‘70% of revenue’ actually goes to the record labels which they can distribute the money however they want to the actual artists.

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- Clay Grubman

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  1. Now you can download mp3 songs from spotify directly via their new launched web player, Using a Firefox addon named cache viewer. I tested it and works with both free and premium accounts!
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