Monday, April 8, 2013

Mellow Mushroom Comes to Saint Augustine

Mellow Mushroom is bringing new flavor to the oldest city this June. The restaurant first opened in 1974 by three college students that wanted to share the art of pizza with others. According to their bio on Facebook, the first store was made from an old liquor store down the street from Georgia Tech. The restaurant became so popular they continued to build more throughout Atlanta to accomodate the growing amount of customers. The restaurant is now a franchise and has over 120 different locations nationwide. Their delicious menu has everything from pizzas to vegan friendly foods. This restaurant is just what Saint Augustine needs, and will appeal to everyone. There is a beer club that offers rewards and features local beers monthly, and currently on the Saint Augustine's Facebook page they are taking requests for which beers will be on the menu. They are utilizing social media to bring hype to the restaurant opening and give sneak peaks of the progress being made. If you check out their Facebook page you can view pictures of the construction and any information they may post about this special location. This restaurant will be a great addition to Saint Augustine so stay posted!

By: Caitlin Ludwig

Monday, April 1, 2013

Social Media Isn't Fooling Anyone!

Happy April Fools Day 2013! If you've gotten this far in the day without falling victim to any pranks, like myself, you must be doing dandy! Or, if you were the mastermind behind the jokes, kudos to you as well. I'll let you in on one jokster who isn't fooling anyone, and that is our little friend known as social media.

Social media is here to stay. Admit it; we live and breathe it. It has become our campanion; someone we can lean on, knowing they will always be there to entertain us and keep us company. A group of people, known as HR experts, have noticed this increasing bond society has made with social media. As a result, they have deemed it one of the "Top 5 Degrees Employers Want Most".

The article, posted on Yahoo! Education, gave a list on the "hot picks" of college bachelor degrees. Communications is ranked #4 as a top degree to have in this day and age, amongst others such as business administration, health care administration, computer programming, and accounting.
HR experts highlighted that social media is a facet of communications that is "super hot right now." They advise that communications majors should: 
"gain professional writing, editing, and speaking skills through classes like public relations writing, writing for business and technology, business communication, and advertising and marketing communications." 
The article also noted that students who graduate with a bachelors in communication can garner a salary of up to $176,400 (workers in the 90th percentile). Now that is a number that isn't fooling with anyone!

By: Alyssa Wickham

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Apple Trademark Rejected

Rebecca Currie

Apple seems to be the always be the leader in electronic production, there name is trademarked everywhere, it seems like nothing could slow them down. Although, today the US Patent and Trademark Office declined Apple’s request for the trademark of Apple mini because they said the descriptive word of MINI doesn’t qualify for a trademark.  A trademark simply does not allow other companies to use the licensed name it gives one company or person full rights to that name.
                Without the trademark other companies now have the opportunity to branch into the mini IPad device competition.  The lack of a trademark will take away Apples advantage in the IPad market allowing the competition to release their own mini iPads and use the name IPad mini.

                There are some critics who now believe that the IPad should not even have a trademark since PAD is also a description. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, “the term “MINI” in the applied for mark is also descriptive of a feature of applicant’s product. Specifically, the attached evidence shows this wording means “something that is distinctively smaller than other members of its type or class”. The critics believe that the PAD is just describing the type of device which is compatible with the internet which is represented by the letter I.
          Apple is not giving up on receiving the trademark for the Apple mini and has until July 24th to respond to the Patent office about an amended proposal.  
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